10 Ways to Care for Your Human Hair Extensions In 2020

Dec 13 , 2019

10 Ways to Care for Your Human Hair Extensions In 2020

So, you finally bought your first set of human hair extensions but wondering how you could make them last for a really long time, and if possible, forever. Sadly, you can’t have your extensions on forever, that would be quite disgust...ing. At some point, you’ll have to replace them or try something more classy like these lace front wigs

However, learning some essential tips on how to care for your human hair extensions will undoubtedly prolong the aesthetic value and lifespan of your extensions. 

What are Hair Extensions? 

Artificial hair integration or hair extensions, as they are commonly called, are the safest and fastest way of increasing the length and thickness of your hair. Most hair extensions come with clips, making it easy to attach or remove them within a few minutes without incurring additional costs or seeking the help of a professional hairstylist. However, there are some that require other attachment methods like tape-ins, microlinks, and pro-bonded methods. 

There have been lots of myths flying around about hair extensions. For instance, many people believe that hair extensions can pull out your hair, leaving you with a broken, damaged, and thin hair. However, that is not necessarily the case. The type of hair extensions and the attachment method play a significant role here. Clip-in hair extensions, for example, don’t pull out your hair, you can take them off whenever you want and only clip them when you want your hair to look thick and healthy without any hassle. 

Why Should You Care for Your Human Hair Extensions?

There are many reasons why you should take good care of your hair extensions. 

First of all, not maintaining your hair extensions will make them get old, quicker than expected. So, if you’re one of those who find human hair extensions over-priced, then the best way to get the most out of your investment is by taking good care of your hair extensions. If you do it right, you can use them for many months before finally replacing your extensions. 

Whenever you step out of your apartment or attend an occasion, dust and other particles could get on your hair extensions, leaving them dirty. And if you fail to clean them, then you’d probably look messy the following day or the next time you use them. 

Lastly, for your human hair extensions to remain beautiful and blend naturally with your hair, you must do regular maintenance, or else, you would have yourself to shame for it. 

How Long do Hair Extensions Last? 

It depends. The longevity of your hair extension is determined by both maintenance and the type of application method. With great care, glue-ins, tape-ins, and protein-bounded extensions can last between six to eight weeks. 

Clip-ins, on the other hand, can last for many months and even up to a year if properly maintained. The reason for that is simple - you can remove them whenever you want to, and you don’t need to wear them every day. 

How to Care for Human Hair Extensions 

Here are the greatest tips to care for your human hair extensions in 2020. 

1. Treat Your Hair Extensions Like Natural Hair, But Gentler

If you have taped-in or sewn hair extensions, then feel free to wash them while in the shower. However, you must do it a lot more gently than you would wash your natural hair. Washing your extensions too fast or too rough will only cause damage to the bonds, and you may end up losing some of your natural hair as a result of excessive pulling. On the other hand, though, if you use clip-in hair extensions, then you must remove them from your natural hair before attempting to wash and treat them. 

2. Wash Your Hair Extensions With Shampoo, and do it Correctly

Washing your hair extensions is one thing; doing it correctly is another. It is important to wash your extensions with great care. Avoid any form of hard scrubbing on the hair extensions. Also, using the right aftercare products such as shampoo and conditioner will preserve the quality of hair extensions and at the same time, protects the bonds from becoming loose. We recommend using dry shampoo as it helps to prolong the period of washing, thus maintaining the beauty of your extensions. 

3. No Hair Dryers, Only Air Dry

It's very tempting to use hair dryers to blow your hair extensions, but you could end up causing damage to them. This is because hot air is not good for extensions, whether it is heat-resistant synthetic or virgin human hair extensions. So, it is best to air-dry your extensions. However, when using a towel to dry, do it gently and don't pull for any reason. 

4. Don’t Sleep With Wet Hair Extensions

Going to bed with wet hair is a bad idea, whether you’re carrying your natural hair or not. Wet hair is known to cause tangling, which makes it difficult to brush when they get dried, and when you put too much pressure, the cuticles and bonds could get loosened. It’s best to wash your hair early to give room for drying them before retiring for the night. If you have clip-in hair extensions, then you have an easy task. All you need to do is remove the clips before sleeping. 

5. Don’t Sleep With Unsecured Hair Extensions

Once your hair is dry, and you are ready to sleep, the next important thing to do is to secure your hair extensions. How to secure your hair depends on the type of extensions you have. For longer hair extensions, using braid is a great way to nicely secure your hair and keeping them out of the way at night. With a braid, you can quickly deconstruct and brush when you wake up in the morning. For short hair extensions, however, a ponytail will secure your hair throughout the night.  

6. Learn to Detangle Daily

This is one of the most important tips on how to care for hair extensions, so you must do this, at least once every day, as long as you wear the hair. It may sound simple and easy to do, but it requires a great deal of dedication. Dampness is not the only way your extensions can get tangled, continuous usage without applying any detangling technique can make the extensions tangle. Use your fingers to separate each bond of the extensions. You can use a soft bristle brush for this purpose if you have straight or wavy extensions. 

7. Invest in Regular Treatments 

It is easy to get carried away, thinking that your recommended aftercare shampoo and conditioner are enough to keep your hair extensions healthy and shiny, but that is not always the case. Investing in regular conditioning treatment for your extensions will help prolong their quality by supplying your hair with the needed moisture. Doing this treatment at least once a week will help to keep your hair extensions in good condition. 

8. Visit a Hairstylist for Hair Extension Styling Options 

Visiting a professional hairstylist is a great way to figure out all the best possible styling options that you can make with your hair extensions. Repurposing your extensions with creative styles will give you a whole different look, making it seems as if you bought a new set of extensions, whereas you’re still enjoying the ones you purchased a few months back. 

9. Your Natural Hair Matters

Don’t be carried away, thinking that you can cheat your natural hair. Wearing hair extensions does not mean that you should neglect your coils, curls, and scalp. Ensure that you clean and remove the dirt and excess oil from your scalp. Your scalp will suffer if you don’t take care of it, and you will experience irritation, redness, and inflammation. 

10. Don’t Wear Your Clip-in Hair Extensions Every Day

The secret why clip-in hair extensions last up to a year lies in wearing them a little less often. You can wear them a couple of days per week. You shouldn’t wear the same hair extensions every day, even if they are your favorite hair. Constant usage will only reduce the lifespan of your extension, and you may end up regretting your actions. 

There You Have it 

Maintaining your hair extensions is as important as taking care of your natural hair. You must commit to looking after your extensions like a daily job because it is. Once you’re able to practice these ten essential tips on how to care for your hair extensions, then rest assured that you will get the full worth of your investment on the extensions that you bought. If you have trouble with your extensions stylings or aftercare, ensure that you contact your hair extension specialist for some professional advice. 

If you have any questions about hair caring or for further inquiries, kindly contact us, we are happy to provide guidance. You can also check our hair extensions collection for the latest human hair extensions that can fit you. 

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